Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Glitch Found on SNES Porky Pig

Today I've decided to play Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday for the SNES, as I haven't played it in months. I played it on Easy mode, and I've decided to record my gameplay of it through my video camera in front of my HDTV screen, mainly because I wanted to get some screenshots for the review I was planning to make for this game. I've lately thought of adding screenshots in my reviews from my video camera. I could've just set the setting of my video camera to "Camera" and got the screenshots while the game was paused. The only problem was that if I paused the game, then the score would be replaced by the blinking "Paused" message, so I've decided to record it instead. I'm sorry, Kingbuilder, I'll get to your request soon, I promise. =( However, very late in the third video of my recording (I decided to limit the videos to fifteen minutes), I've discovered a glitch and caught it on video. I can't show the video it's in, because I don't have a YouTube account; so instead, I've decided to show you through screenshots (I apologize if they're not of your preferable visual quality, but my video camera's the closest thing I got that will take screen captures).

Allow me to explain how I found the glitch: well, during the penultimate portion of "The Alps" stage, before facing the boss, there's a moving carrot that you have to stand on throughout the portion, like so:

However, while still standing on the carrot near the end of the portion, I played around with the game's "Camera" button [X]. Though it was a bad idea, and I'm about to share with you why that is:
As the carrot slowly descends to the bottommost portion of the screen, it'll gradually slide over to the right (and gradually bounce back to the left after it hits the wall). The third screenshot shows that Porky is still standing on top of the carrot, with his feet touching the bottom of the screen. That's not supposed to happen! Now, you may be asking: what happens now?
He falls off the carrot nonchalantly! Now, normally, Porky would just be on the right part of the ground, so he can go head straight towards the boss, but this time there's no chances of that happening at all. I've tried to get out the pit, but there's one problem: I can't get out! Every time I jumped, his head would bump on an invisible ceiling. I cannot get out of the snow white portion of the stage, nor can I exit through the lower right (in order to get past the portion, you must be on the ground and not below it). There are no enemies either, which means that I'm trapped there forever.

I was completely taken aback when this happened. This marks the very first time I played this game without beating it. With no plausible way of getting out from the pit, I had no other choice but to turn the game off. This all happened so unexpectedly. Finding glitches in video games is a very rare occasion for me; and this is one of those few times that it's happened to me. This is one glitch that I hope can never be reproduced. I'll just get off the carrot like I'm supposed to whenever I come to this part of the stage from now on. Again, I apologize if you don't like the visual quality (the game looks a lot better on TV).

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