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Parody Review: Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion (3DS)

Disclaimer: if you haven't seen an episode of "Bum Reviews" before, you may not find this funny.  I recommend watching at least one or two to get the proper idea of what to expect here.  Also, this "review" is not to be taken seriously (save for the final caption in the end).  Also, the reason I'm parodying Chester A. Bum is because, well, he's hysterical!  XD  So think of it as an homage/parody/whatever to those reviews.
*random symphonic music playing in the background*
And now it's time for Bum Reviews with Master C. Bum.
*symphonic music stops at this point*
Tonight's review: Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion
With brush and thinner in hand, I have the power of SPOILERS=D
There is this little mouse called Mickey!  And one day all is well with his world, until he's communicated by a friend through a television screen.  And all I'm thinking at this point is:
"Aaahhhh, POLTERGEIST!!!"  D=
Mickey's informed that his girlfriend Minnie has been taken to a castle of illusion in Wasterland by the eeeevil Mizrabel
*scratches head* ...who for some reason looks like Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty... not at all like the last time I saw her!  So then she's like:
"Hahahaha!  I shall exact my revenge on all those that have been remembered throughout their lives, starting with your precious Minnie!  Hahahahaha!"  >XD
But then Mickey's like:
"But you've captured Minnie once before, and besides, I thought you turned good at the end of the first game!  What credible motive could you have for turning evil again, if not for that weak one you just mentioned?"
There's also this bunny rabbit called Oswald
...who looks like Mickey if he was born with long ears.
He talked to Mickey at the beginning of the game, and he helps his friend since the first Epic Mickey by staying at the fortress and doing absolutely nothing!
What kind of help is that anyway...  =/
unless he's offering moral support.
But whatever, Mickey has come to the rescue once again!
Aside from just Minnie, he also helps out a lot of characters from the past!  =D
Characters such as *counts fingers* Peter Pan, Ariel, Aladdin, Cinderella, Snow White, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, Alice, and Goofy among others; especially that one merchant who's only appeared in the first few minutes of the first Aladdin and the last few minutes of the third one.
He even rescues Scrooge McDuck!
OH, MY GOD!  Mickey and Scrooge in the same game together!!  =D  That hasn't happened since...
that one 16-bit game not many people have played before...  =(  Stupid Japan exclusivity!
So Mickey has to save all these characters from the clutches of Mizrabel,
but Oswald is like:
"If you wish to face her the fortress' heart power must be at 100%!"
Then Mickey's like:
"100%?  Why not 80 or 90%?"
"So you can live with the relief that you saved all the characters in the fortress without having to worry that you forgot any!"
"Well, I guess you have a good poin--"
"Oh, and you must do a lot of fetch quests too!"
"WHAT?!?"  =O
"That's what you get for overshadowing my shows all those years ago!  You owe me big time, Mickey!"  >=(
So Mickey goes ahead and does so anyway!
In the process you'll be heading to areas such as the seperate wings of the Castle of Illusion, London, Never Land, the streets of Agrabah, the Cave of Wonders, and even Atlantica, Ariel's home!
In a few of these places you have to draw Peter Pan, Ariel, and Aladdin in order to save them, because...
There is this tiny cricket, called Jiminy,
who acts as your aide/conscience in your latest quest!
Fair enough!
All the areas look gorgeous, I've never seen the 3D implemented so beautifully in what is otherwise a 2D game!  =D
*keeps pointing downward to emphasize a point* More 3DS games need to look this way!
My collection would be bigger if that happened!
So then after all is said and done Mickey must face against Mizrabel, who turns into the dragon from the movie I mentioned before!
"Haha!  Take that, you no-good witch!"
So after Mizrabel's been defeated she's then like:
"I'll get you next time my mouse, and you're little friends too!"
So Mickey has saved everyone including Minnie, and when he heads home he discovers the scariest news ever:
It may or may not have happened and it may have or may not have taken place inside Minnie's dream!
... Well, that's disappointing!  -_-
Then there's this cool credits sequence where he sends everyone back, =)
...and assures them and talks to them as if he's seen the movies they were lifted from!
Talk about being familiar with the source material!
But who cares?  I cannot wait to fight Mizrabel again, and find out how she learned to shapeshift!  This is going to be exciti--
What?!?  =O
That is bull crap!
Just because it didn't live up to the original game it was based on,
the unfair notion of starting the stage portion over again if you lost a life (with the amount of e-tickets reset and/or having to find something/save someone again),
the over-abundancy of fetch quests,
the fact that you have to accurately draw fast on the outlines to get the shapes right,
and the feeling of repetitiveness at times,
doesn't mean it was a bad game!
I guess people didn't know what to expect with this game, and that's why they were so harsh on it.
I think I'll go create a petition for the second iteration of Power of Illusion to be made, for this game deserves a sequel!
This is Master C. Bum saying:  X)
*random symphonic music plays again*
Ah, c'mon, help a smiley out will ya?  C'mon, change!
Well at least tell me why Mizrabel looked like the queen from Snow White in the back of the case!  That would've been a more interesting boss fight!
*random symphonic music ends here*
Well, I hope you gamers enjoyed reading/watching this Bum Reviews parody; if you didn't then I'm sorry.  Stick around for my real thoughts on the game real soon.

Thank you for reading, please leave a comment!

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