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Wander Over Yonder Blogs - "The Good Deed"

Watched: September 27th, 2013 | Written: September 29th, 2013
Twice!  Two times I've already come closing to crying in the show, even closer this time!!  Goshdarn it all, Craig, how do you do it?!  How do you... okay, I'm getting ahead of myself, and I'll get to that bit later.  Here is the latest excursion from Wander Over Yonder=)
Episode V (103a):
*kazoo rendition of "ta-da!" sound*
Now, "The Good Deed" was a really excellent episode, well done, well-written, well animated, and oh so much fun.  And out of all the episodes that I've seen in the show so far, this is actually my favorite.  =)  Step aside, "The Greatest" (101a), because there is a new contender in town!  And, just like a lot of things Wander Over Yonder-related, it's well worth talking about.
By the way, every episode takes place on a different planet, and I like that, it really gives the show some variety and makes things feel fresh all the time.  =)  So anyway in this newest planet Wander and Sylvia are having a pleasant day enjoying themselves until he spots a famished rabbit.  He finds a carrot and feeds it to the critter, making it feel full and restoring it back to health; however, Wander took a rider's carrot that is used to control this Janus-like elephant creature of sorts (I don't know, but the design is awesome) without even realizing it was his.  So Wander, being the good little helper yokel that he is, sets to make things right.  And he does... only to inadvertently undo one good deed, which he plans to make good again... only to have a chain reaction affect something.  And that's basically the premise for "The Good Deed", it explores how many good deeds it takes to undo one, and I thought it was well handled.  Any time a good deed is made, there's a spark that manages to affect something else even worse; and any time that happens the main duo just cannot fathom what just occurred and try to make it right again.  This just isn't Wander's day.  =(  But all bad things unintentionally happening aside, will our heroes successfully save the day when the worst occurs (you all know this detail, it was in the trailer; Lord Hater planning to destroy the Sun)?
Okay then, where to start?  I suppose the best thing to say about the episode is how well structured it is, and I love the bright color palettes that were used throughout the majority of the episode.  It's brighter than in every other planet yes (well it makes sense, the planet is a close neighbor to the Sun, after all) but that's okay since it's bright yet softer on the eyes as opposed to iris-burning, and that's nice.  =)  Wander and Sylvia make a perfect team, and despite their differing characteristics they're the greatest of friends, best friends even.  The relationship between the two is great, and they have a special bond for each other.  You know what is especially great?  The comedy!  =D  Once again the show elicits some great laughs, like the constant running gag with the banjo equivalent of the "wah wah wah" sound, starting with a worse thing occurring elsewhere ending with the camera pulling back showing Wander and Sylvia's incredulous reactions not believing that their good deed turned into a bad one elsewhere.  It's cute and it doesn't wear out its welcome (even though it exceeds the normal amount of running gags usually allowed in this genre's episodes).  Wander, being the fun-loving and cheerful alien that he is, often has got a good plan to make things right again up his sleeve, or hat depending on how look at it (even if it unintentionally affects something else entirely).  They might make no sense whatsoever and come completely out of left field sometimes, but they work.  For instance, a wedding is abruptly cancelled, so as a result this warring group of hillbillies/rednecks start duking it out against each other.  So what is Wander's resolution to end the problem you may ask?  =)
*laughs*  I mean look at Wander, that is just so incredibly funny!  With the judges' podium, different accent, judges' outfit, the gavel, the ridiculously over-the-top powdered wig!  How can you not enjoy this show's sense of humor?  It is just surreal and laugh-out loud funny!  The timing is flawless too!  But it actually escalates farther than that, as there's also
a prosecutioner, a defendant (or is it a lawyer), a female typewriting receptionist, and a constable!  However Wander thinks up these things, it's very clever!  XD  It could've ended there, but they decided to keep this scene rolling (making it funnier as it went along, constantly cutting to each of his different personas), and in my opinion it works.  It's fantastic because the plan worked not long after it started, especially hysterical is the two hillbilly/redneck groups when they start noticing this nonsensical moment of hilarity and are trying to comprehend what the hell is going on; so they agree to stop fighting if Wander stops fighting (himself).  I love that!  XD  The gag with Wander in different roles was also done in "The Greatest", and as funny as it was there, it's a lot more fleshed out here.  Sylvia compliments Wander for turning this bad deed to a good one, even if she admits that his charade absolutely made no sense.  It's funnier if you watch this scene, words alone just simply do not do it justice.  =)
Now there's a happy image for you: Wander carrying a gun in his hands; don't fret though, it's not as bad as it looks
On a visual level it's very magnificent.  =)  The animation is really superb, smooth and easy on the eyes, as usual, plus the designs of a lot of the creatures Wander ends up helping are very creative and fit their personality well.  During the whole other personae charade scene with all the different egos there the facial expressions not only work but they're done in such a humorous way too, and a lot of the comedy is enhanced by the animation playing in motion.  Again, I love the colors they've chosen for the episode, especially when it comes to the latter half of the episode where it's a little darker yet soft; the shading and lighting is sublimely well executed, particularly during shots when Sylvia and Wander are standing in front of the Sun, and I love the attention to detail when it comes to these aspects.  There is a moment when Wander saves a bunch of pigs in suits from a rampaging yeti (which thankfully is a lot less grotesque-looking than in that one 2013 Mickey Mouse short "Yodelberg") by blowing huge magical bubbles and encasing them all in it until they land on the planet's nearby moon (I believe).  Huge magical bubbles=)  I'd make a Nostalgia Critic reference right now, but I wouldn't feel right if I did that when talking about this show; I don't know, maybe it's just me, but if other people feel the need to do that that's fine.  Wander Over Yonder has got so much heart, imagination, and creativity that I love the way it engrosses you in its various worlds.
Lord Hater and his second in command Commander Peepers are back, but only for a few minutes; and boy do they make their few minutes count.  In this episode they plan to blow up the Sun; why they decide to do that would be much funnier if you saw that moment in the episode.  In a different universe or different show for that matter an attempt to blow up the Sun would prove to be folly because naturally if anything even gets remotely close to the bright burning star that thing'll disintegrate in a heartbeat; that's not the case here, for in the series anything can happen, so the Sun blowing up is a worrying thought.  Say goodbye to all life as we know it; in here there is something to lose if nothing is done to stop the annihilation of the Sun.
So what's going to happen now?  And now for the sad moment that I'm talking about; ever since "The Fugitives" (102b) I've felt so emotionally connected to Wander, and don't get me wrong I like all the other characters too (save for Emperor Awesome, he's not a favorite of mine), but there is something about Wander that really strikes me as a special character.  He is a special kind of character, and he is one of those kinds of characters that feels so real and down to earth, and even if it weren't the case, he has got so many positive qualities about him that simply make me smile, laugh, and feel so happy; also he is a very believable character.  And that's when he's happy, smiling or just being Wander; but somehow I manage to feel sad when he's not happy and very sad.  =(  I guess it's because of his optimism, cheerfulness, happy-go-luckiness, quirkiness, kindness, and innocence, et al that makes me happy for Wander; I could never hate the little yokel, because he is just so lovable and fun!  When he's the opposite of positive, it strikes a chord with me and it's just hard to explain for me.  This next moment is spoiler-filled, and I hate to do that I really do, especially since not everyone has seen the episode (as I type this), but I've just got to get this across.  =(
Wander fans, grab some kleenex  =(
So, Sylvia, being all prepped up after all the good deeds she helped and/or saw Wander do, is ready to take on the missile and is ready to put a stop to it, blowing a magical bubble which will enable her (and all other creatures should they be inside one) to breathe in space.  Wander, on the other hand, is really deep in thought and feels remorseful about his good deeds accidentally creating problems for other parts.  At that moment he is like "Sylvia, I've been thinking," and all the while he's holding still gradually sinking down the quick... mud, "maybe we shouldn't help the Sun."  And after that I was like in a concerned tone, "What?"  =(  No, no, no, this cannot be really happening right?  Actually it is, and the fact that he feels despondent and has altogether given up, deciding not to move from his position, is really hard to believe as a big advocate for Wander.  But that's not all there is too it, he goes into a pessimistic state expressing that any time he did a good deed something worse kept happening, and he worries that if he helps the Sun the whole universe would be kicking the bucket or something along those lines.  And to see him in this state, even as he sank below the mud, was very sad to watch.  I actually felt a tear in my eye as I saw this; a tear!  It didn't stream down my face, but this scene was especially touching because Wander only wants to do good and his understandable worrying of a worse consequence for helping further (considering the day that he had) was wow... this scene!  ='(

For a fun lighthearted comedic show, Wander Over Yonder really knows how to pull off emotional scenes (even if they don't last a minute) competently.  Forget the previous episode's moment when he was going through that traumatizing ordeal being torn between keeping a promise to his friend to not help anyone and feeling the strong desire to help others despite the promise he kept; I didn't mention in the previous Wander Over Yonder Blog, but there is a brief moment of sadness as Wander is being taken away by the Watchdogs as it seemed as if Sylvia had abandoned him, but then she came back for him afterwards.  But "The Good Deed" manages to pick up the cheerful, lighthearted optimism in good fashion.  Sylvia, after Wander expressed his worries and concerns, tells him that considering what they went through all day it was possible, and she really pulls through as she encourages Wander that, like he told her before, that doing the right thing will put them in the right path therefore heading to the right place (stating she doesn't want to live in a world where the universe would end), and then she sticks out her hand as a friend for Wander to reach.  After having sunk down below the mud, Wander takes a moment to think, accepts what Sylvia said, and he pulls out his arm therefore grabbing her hand.  YAY, Wander's back!  =D  I'm sorry if I'm overthinking or overanalyzing this scene as a whole, but good God is it incredible!  Maybe others feel this way I don't know; Sylvia is a very good friend to Wander, and when push comes to shove she helps him out of his slump.  Another reason Wander and Sylvia are a perfect team, they're relationship for each other is very close.

There is this awesome moment, in a visual sense, when Sylvia pulls Wander out of the mud and places him on her back while inside the bubble (the animation is breathtaking considering it's flash).  The way the bubble reacts when something sticks out or when something is no longer sticking is really cool, especially with the ripple effects.  Sometime after I became a fan of the show I'm been wishing for a moment that Wander would hold still making a static (charging) pose while on top of Sylvia before they begin to start moving, the series' equivalent to the "Hi ho, Silver!" pose (and hopefully the phrase in the future), and the show finally did that!  Actually, it's got not one,
In the title sequence  =)
but two of these moments,
I can practically hear him say that!  =D
and seeing them in action brings a smile to my face.  =)  Also, I honestly find them to be awesome moments and well-done too; thank you Craig McCracken, I highly await the next time in the show that it happens!  Take that Gore Verbinski and your too long for its own good, heavy amount of tonal inconsistencies in your poor so-called treatment of The Lone Ranger where the main character is not believable in the slightest bit and is afraid to hold a gun and fight injustice until the last half hour of the movie has been reached (too little too late)!  Where was the dignity of that greatness (both line and pose) in your version?  =P  I would love it if one day Wander would actually exclaim "Hi ho, Sylvia!" as he rides on his steed; it's likely not gonna happen like that anytime soon but if it does it would totally make up for how "Hi ho, Silver!" was treated like a joke in the movie.  Just so everyone knows where I stand: Wander Over Yonder, good; The Lone Ranger 2013, bad.  But you know, different strokes for different folks.

Another strength of the show in general are how Wander and Sylvia are well-developed characters with great personalities, and how you genuinely care about them.  There's no question that in the end they will succeed, but the question you'll be asking is "how?".  How will they be able to do this, how will they be able to escape from harm, how will they be able to resolve certain issues, et al?  I love the way this show keeps you guessing and makes you wonder what's going to happen next; in moments when one or both of our heroes find themselves in harm's way I truly think "Oh my God, are they going to make it?  Will they be able to make it?"  =O  This is a genuinely great show, and it's funny when Lord Hater gets his comeuppance in the end; and the final scene made me chuckle.  I won't say why, but when you take everything into account it's quite funny.  XD

So "The Good Deed" was a very excellent episode in my opinion.  =)  The premise is good, the writing is intelligently clever, the jokes are incredibly funny, the timing is spot-on, the animation is perfect, the dynamic between Wander and Sylvia is sweet, the stakes are really high when it counts, the scene with sad Wander is surprisingly emotional, everything about it feels genuine, and the payoff is worth it all.  I know I've said it over and over, but watching Wander Over Yonder takes me back to my childhood, and it never ceases to make me happy.  I highly recommend this episode, it's really magnificent and enjoyably engaging.  =)
Next up is "The Pet" (104) and... wait.  *watches promo*  Oh, my God, this is going to be exciting!  =D  It's going to be a half-hour long episode (the first full episode of the show), the promo gives us a really good set up, and it looks something like Aliens!  It's going to be Aliens with aliens in it, only... yeah, there's no way I can make that sound funny.  -_-  Still, I'm hyped for the next episode; I should rewatch the 1986 classic to properly prepare myself for it.  See you all then!  =)
( >'.')>TO EACH THEIR OWN<('.'< )
Screengrabs taken from my video camera
Wander Over Yonder is the property of Disney
I know I've sounded overwhelmingly positive about the show any time I talked about it, but I can't help it!  It's a really feel-good show, it's got a heart of gold, it's both cute and funny, it knows how to entertain, and Wander rocks!  =)
Thank you for reading this latest Wander Over Yonder Blog, please leave a comment and I hope you have a great day; take care!

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