Sunday, October 21, 2018

StarBoy's Walkthrough: The Lost Vikings Stage 14S/15G

StarBoy's Walkthrough:
(SNES edition)
October 21st, 2018
Stage 14S/15G - C1R0
Item(s) - 1 red key, 1 steak, 1 wipeout bomb, 1 healthy fruit
This stage is pretty big, which may be contributed to a couple (optional) items you'll come across.  You begin in the center portion.
Take control as Erik and jump over the gap separated by deathly spikes.  Ignore the button for now and keep going right until you come by a switch.  Flip it to activate the platform that goes up and down in an endless loop, but first go below to talk to the Egyptian NPC on the left.
Anyone else curious about his history with the main villain Tomator?  No?  Just me?  …  Anyway he tells you that in order for all three Vikings to return back to their time period that they must defeat Tomator, and that you'll know you found him when you see him, but that won't be for awhile yet.
After that conversation jump up on the platform and ride it up to the top, and once you've reached the peak then jump to the left.  Keep moving, but be careful of randomized falling blocks that will hurt you after contact--you can tell where they're coming from thanks to the gray-colored blocks.
Once you're past that segment climb up the ladder, and in the center of that portion is a simple warning which you must heed.
With enough traction, have Erik ram down the left wall.  Once it finishes collapsing down it will reveal a red key.  Take it.  Failure to go this direction and instead ramming the right wall will reveal a boulder rolling your way flattening you like a pancake thereby killing you instantly (because it takes about two or three seconds for Erik to regain his senses after using his head to knock down a hard structure, you won't have enough time to react to the boulder which comes out almost instantly).  Now go back down the ladder.
This bit is entirely optional, but if you're an item completionist when it comes to most games (like I am) then here's what you do: at the bottom of the ladder you just climbed down from, ram the wall to your immediate left.  If you pay attention then you'll notice that the collapse is larger than any regular wall.  Once it finishes collapsing, head down.
Evade the leaping spearman and jump towards the ladder on the left.  Don't worry about the enemy, he won't go out of his safety zone thereby falling down on the spikes.  The enemies here are way too smart to get themselves killed (unlike a handful of bug enemies from Team Cherry's atmospherically beautiful yet creepy and legitimately intense Hollow Knight).  Climb up the ladder.
You'll find yourself at the top of the pyramid with sand beneath your feet, making it the closest you'll come to being outside again in the Egypt areas (at least insofar as the SNES version is concerned, but we'll get to that later).
A little ways in you'll find yourself a steak, and once you decide whether or not to take it keep going to the end where on the right side of the last palm tree you come across there is a wipeout bomb.  Take it.  Go back down where you came from and use the wipeout bomb when the leaping spearman is onscreen to take him out.
The gap you came from is way above your jumping capacity, but there is a way out.  Ram the seemingly normal wall which will make it collapse.  After having run its course, it reveals a way back to the other Vikings.  Join them.
Take control as Olaf now and fall off to the left with his shield above his head to make him glide down.  Maneuver him to the switch on the right and flip it to enable the support triangles.  Now press the switch that I told you to ignore earlier as Erik, which will let the horizontal block fall down to make it possible for Baleog to walk across.  If you had pressed the button without the support triangles, then the block would've remained in place until you stepped on it thereby making it fall not to mention get you impaled on the spikes.
Continue as Olaf and fall down.  Walk towards the left where you'll come across a healthy fruit.  Whether you need it or not, take it.
Once you get to the end glide down with the shield above your head, but be careful because there's acid literally dripping left and right, and if it touches you then you'll evaporate.  To avert that, weave around and glide in the opposite position of the acid until you reach the ground, then walk to where there's a ceiling above you.
Right away switch controls as Baleog and get down to where the Egyptian NPC is and climb down the stairs, then walk towards the left until you're at the top of a ladder.  Climb down.
Deal with the leaping spearman and dish out three hits against him to eliminate him.
Go all the way down there as Erik and ram down the gray wall on the right to demolish it.  Once it finishes collapsing it will reveal a three-character combination which you'll find to be helpful shortly.
Go up to the red keyhole and place the key inside to open a path.  You'll come across three switches, just like the combination you saw a little bit ago.  Be sure to get it to match exactly (up, down, up), that way when you press the button the exit will be accessed; failure to do so when you press the button will let a block fall on you, so just in case have Olaf stand there with his shield above his head so that he won't sustain damage.  Once the path is open walk to the exit, and you're done!  =)
There's just something irresistible about the game's irreverent, silly,and sometimes self-aware sense of humor, I can't help but love it!  XD

Congratulations, you survived Stage 14S/15G!!!
Stay tuned for the next Stage

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

StarBoy's Walkthrough: The Lost Vikings Stage 13S/14G

StarBoy's Walkthrough:
(SNES edition)
October 16th-17th, 2018
Stage 13S/14G - PHR0
Item(s) - 1 healthy fruit A, 1 healthy fruit B, 2 extra health shields
You are now inside the pyramid in one of the rare instances of the game where you commence a stage by heading towards the left as opposed to the usual right.
Walk ahead as Olaf until you stop at a wall that's blocking you where on the other side is a leaping spearman.  Now run towards that wall as Erik and ram it down, thereby opening up the path while at the same time getting within vicinity of this enemy.  Fortunately the ceiling space is so low that the chances of him leaping over you is close to nil, especially with Olaf's shield by his stead.  Take this time to switch to Baleog and dish three hits against the spearman to dispose of him.
Walk towards the end until you come across a button, but do not press it manually, for doing so will collapse the breakable platforms as the one below it leads to a set of spikes.  Instead, stand on any of the two breakable platforms apart from that spot and have Baleog shoot it with an arrow to activate it, letting you fall safely on a couple of platforms.  Have Olaf fall to the left and block the stationary fireball-spewing cannon with his shield in front of him so the fireballs will not penetrate you or the other Vikings, also right beside it is a healthy fruit A if you need it.
Walk towards the right as Baleog and you'll contend with a leaping spearman, slay him, and if you walk a tiny bit more you'll deal with another one.  Take him down as well and proceed forward.
Walk to the end of the floor with all three Vikings, with Olaf going last.  You'll find another button that will set the trap with the collapsing platforms once it's pressed.  Stand over the portion where it touches the bottom of the screen, and press it to let the Vikings fall down following the destruction of the collapsible ground.  Go down the incline as Olaf, but the moment you see a leaping spearman revert back and position yourself in a way that this enemy won't leap over you.  Have Baleog deal with him.
Along the way you'll come across a healthy fruit B which only Erik can reach with his jumping prowess.  Take it if you need it, and continue walking...
until you come across a bed of spikes separated by a small platform, jump on it as Erik.  There is a blocked path with a button right next to it, have Baleog shoot it to open up the path, but as soon as you shoot switch back to Erik and jump to the left where you'll see a switch.  Flip it to fill the two gaps so that anyone can walk through, and as Olaf walk with his shield above his head to block the slowly descending path blocker; you have a few seconds from the moment Erik flips his switch to do this.  If you did it right then have Baleog walk past Olaf and once he and Erik are on the left then have Olaf follow, enabling the block to finish its descent as a result.  Climb down the ladder.
Once you're all the way down as Baleog there are a couple spearmen that you'll have to take down.  Once you've done so continue walking right.
Close to the ladder is a scorpion that you'll have to kill.  Maintain good sword swinging distance, strike it thrice, and it's gone.
At the end of the bottom floor is a stationary fireball-spewing cannon, and floating between it and the ladder in midair is an extra health shield, but considering that it's pretty much close to the exit of the stage (right above it, in fact) you probably won't need it, but if you feel compelled to obtain it then jump up to it as Erik or glide down with your shield as Olaf.  If this path sounds taxing, there is an alternative way to reach it.
As you climb down the ladder feel through to the right about halfway down (right where Baleog is standing in the left screenshot), and as you keep walking along the hidden path you'll find a big opening with a leaping spearman.  Annihilate him as Baleog so that the enemy won't hurt any of the Vikings; there is also an extra health shield that only Erik can reach as it is just slightly above walking distance.
Walk some more until you come across a dead end, or so it seems.  Switch controls to Erik and ram it down to reveal a path leading directly to the exit.  Regardless of which path you choose, join all three Vikings there, and you're good to go!  =)
HAAA, wordplay, love it!  =3

Congratulations, you survived Stage 13S/14G!!!