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My 2016 Video Game Reviews Bucket List

Written: January 9th-10th, 2016
12/16/16 Update: I did it, I got to cover all these games before 2017 arrived.  I'm so happy I managed to maintain my word!  =)  My new year's resolution: never making promises I struggle to keep again, I almost struggled with this one.
Hello everyone, StarBoy91 here; passionate about video games, big retrophile, and fan of all things 16-bit.  I figure that more often than not that any time I finish a review that my readers are probably wondering what video game (primarily SFC/SNES) I'm going to cover next; the thing about me though is that I normally like to keep it a surprise as I only seldom give a heads up what review will come up next (and when I do I try to hold up to that as best I can, no matter how challenging and/or passion-driven it is to talk about).  Usually I pick which games to review at random and it largely depends on my mood, but because I need to procure a sufficient quantity of screenshots and the wording I make on the spot (by ear) it usually takes a bit of time for me to get to certain games.  I am one complex perfectionist kind of reviewer.  T_T

Well, to alleviate some of the suspense as to what I'm going to cover in the near future, I've decided to come up with my Reviews Bucket List, a list that comprises of a select number of video games that I hope I'll be able to cover this year (all of them SFC/SNES; of course, I do cover games outside of that console once in awhile, but that's besides the point).  I'm just going to name several of them and not all (I still want to keep some surprises in store), so that way you'll have something to look forward to review-wise.  =)  There is no telling when I'm going to talk about them, but I aim to cover these games before the year is over.

Now with that said, here they are in alphabetical order, without further ado:

Brain Lord
Year: 1994 | Developed by: Produce and Opus | Published by: Enix
I've brought up this game from time to time in my reviews, and yet I bet people are probably wondering what Brain Lord even is about.  I would love to talk about it someday, but presently I don't have enough screenshots sufficient for a review.  I do have a lot of fondness for this game despite its numerous shortcomings (which I'll elaborate when I review it), and since I now have a Super Famicom console in my possession I figure this will be a good opportunity to try the Super Famicom original version as well for comparing and contrasting.  =)
7/24/16 Update: Check out my full positive review about this game here  =)

Year: 1994, 1995 | Developed and Published by: Koei | Licensed by: Nihon Falcom
This is a game I got recently this Christmas ('15) and honestly I felt it to be quite engrossing despite the literal 90 degree turns you make which permeate throughout the whole package, and as far as A-RPGs go it's rather unique for what it is.  Personally, I liked Brandish so much (admittedly more than I should have) that it's actually become one of my favorites (despite certain puzzles that truly stumped even me), and I can't wait to talk about it someday.  And actually, I wouldn't even mind trying the SFC port of the sequel Brandish 2: The Planet Buster (that's how much I liked this game), but one move at a time.  =)
12/16/16 Update: Check out my full positive review of this underrated game here  =D

Breath of Fire
Year: 1993, 1994 | Developed by: Capcom | Published by: SquareSoft
It seems to me that the original Breath of Fire gets a lot more and more flak as time progresses, which I don't think is very fair as I actually do think that it's a great turn-based RPG, and for a first traditional take by Capcom it's really impressive.  =)  This is also the game in the genre that made me fall in love with turn-based RPGs in the first place many years ago (I owe this game, and no one can take that away from me), and I want the world to know that there are people out there who like (or love, in my case) this game.  I'm not going to talk about Breath of Fire II any time soon, but I will give it a brief mention... needless to say I have nowhere near as many nice things to say about the sequel than I do for the original.  =|
6/2/16 Update: Check out my full positive review of this underrated game here  =D

Castlevania: Dracula X
Alternate Titles: Akumajō Dracula XX [|O|] / Castlevania: Vampire's Kiss [|O|]
Year: 1995 | Developed and Published by: Konami
When Akumajō Dracula X: Chi no Rondo remained Japan-only at the time, Konami tried to make up for that with this Nintendo 16-bit proxy take on the previous game--it backfired badly.  Due the "No Porting PC-Engine CD Games on a Nintendo Format" Clause by NEC Avenue, this misleadingly titled Castlevania: Dracula X was a game made from scratch (with the sprites of Richter, his enemies and bosses kept intact), and to put it frankly it's not as good as the 1993 game.  But is it bad?  Not... really, but it's not that great either.  I'll elaborate more when I actually do cover it.
10/18/16 Update: Check out my full solid review of this game here  =)

Final Fight 2
Year: 1993 | Developed and Published by: Capcom | [|O|]
Here's a game I've been wanting to talk about for awhile, and if things go smoothly I just might get a chance to this year.  All you need to know about it for now is that this is what happens a company clearly did not want to make this game: just copy-paste the controls, pacing, story beats, and structure of the first Final Fight, and you get Final Fight 2=<  Also, I haven't really covered beat'em ups before, so this may be a first for me.
11/26/16 Update: Check out my review of this game here  -_-

Pop'n TwinBee
Year: 1993 | Developed and Published by: Konami | [|O|]
Technically I have brought this game up a few times (especially in a compilation review), but it's not good enough, I feel.  I want to someday talk about Pop'n TwinBee in full context, and because this is one of my favorite games in the cute'em up genre I do feel that it's worth thoroughly exploring.  =)  ............  Still a shame North America never got it.
11/18/16 Update: Check out my full positive review of this game here  =D

Super Earth Defense Force
Year: 1991 | Developed and Published by: Jaleco
Shoot'em ups are not exactly my strong suit, but once in awhile I do play them.  Super Earth Defense Force is one of the first games in the genre that I ever played when I was little, so for that reason I do have a bit of fondness for it.  And I've never really talked about shoot'em ups in my blog before (cute'em ups don't count), but it would be interesting to begin with this game.  =)
5/13/16 Update: Check out my full solid review of it here  =)

Wild Guns
Year: 1994 | Developed and Published by: Natsume
This Punk/Sci-Fi Western shooting gallery game is awesome=D  Short, but awesome!  This, along the original Pocky & Rocky, is a testament to Natsume greatness, with challenging stages and fast-paced shooting action jam-packed with explosions and great gameplay!  I can't wait to talk about this game!
5/6/16 Update: Check out my full positive review of this badass game here=D

Xandra no Daibōken: Valkyrie to no Deai
Alternate Title: Whirlo [|O|]
Year: 1992 | Developed and Published by: Namco | [|O|]
*sigh* For those who've been frequenting my StarBlog, I know what I said about this game, but for reasons that I feel would be longwinded to explain here (I'll save it for the eventual review) I wanted to give Xandra no Daibōken a chance (a true chance), and I'm glad I did as the game does actually get better the farther along you go (and it's nowhere near as bad as I once thought), but that's all I'll say for now.  While I commend the noble storytelling efforts by Namco, I just wish the gameplay itself could've been better-handled (which I'll explain when I review it).
1/25/16 Update: Check out my full positive review of it here  =)
<( ^o^)^TO EACH THEIR OWN^(^o^ )>
Well, there are plenty more in my Bucket List of games to review, but I'm okay with just revealing these nine for now, and I will do my best to cover them this year (some will be easier to talk about than others).  So, are you looking forward to me reviewing these games, do you have any reservations?  Please let me know and have your say in the comments section, and I'll be sure to get right with you.  Next week it's back to business and... *sigh* I wish it was one of these games I was going to talk about instead.  =(
Thank you for reading, my readers, I hope you have a great Winter day!  Take care!

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