Thursday, January 24, 2013

StarBoy's Walkthrough: The Lost Vikings (SNES) Stage 1

StarBoy's Walkthrough:
(SNES edition)
January 24th, 2013
Blogger's note: Hello everybody, my name is StarBoy, and I'm going to attempt to do something really big for this blog: I'm going to make a thorough walkthrough for one of my top favorite games of all time, The Lost Vikings on the SNES!  =)  It is a humorous yet excellent action/puzzler hybrid, in my opinion, starring three crude yet likable vikings trying to get their way back home from the evil alien Tomator!  This is my first actual attempt at making a guide, and I hope to get all the stages down, which may take awhile so this is a work in progress; also, this game is so great it deserves a proper visual walkthrough.  Since at the moment I only own the SNES version, I'll only cover the thirty-seven stages that are in the original (I know the MegaDrive/Genesis version has five additional stages, but since I don't own that version yet I won't cover them).  For this series of walkthroughs I will share what you have to do to progress, how to finish the stage (and if I'm in the mood, share secret item locations).  I hope this guide will be helpful for those that are having problems with certain stages, and I hope it's informative and entertaining to read for those that are familiar with and beaten the game before.  Thank you in advance, and now without further ado, let's commence!  =)

Stage 1 - STRT
Item(s) - 1 healthy fruit
You begin the game separated from your friends on Tomator's ship as all three have been robbed from their humble abodes.  This is the only stage where you don't start with all three vikings together, and it's so easy and straightforward that you don't even need a guide for the introductory stage.  But since I'll be going over all the stages, I thought I may as well.  I promise the following stages will be more exciting than this one.
You begin as Erik the Swift.  He's the fastest viking out of the three as he's got great agility, and he's the only viking who can jump.  He can also break down walls by charging towards them with the Y button while running, but you won't have to do that here.
Now with that in mind, jump over the deathly laser with the B button and reach the other side; if you want you can grab the fruit floating in mid-air (not like you'll need it here, but just in case).  If you use the X button you can use the item in your inventory, but each viking can only carry up to four.  By eating the fruit you'll regain a health point you lost.  If you wish to trade the item(s) with any of the two vikings: stand next to them, press the Select button, select the item with the B button, use the L or R buttons to choose which viking will carry the item, and press B once you made your decision.  By pressing Select you'll also choose which of the four items a certain viking can use.
Any time you press the A button next to a "?" block you'll see a message giving you a hint on what to do.  There aren't that many of them, but in cases where you do see them, you better heed them because they will help you in the long run.
Once you reached the other side and read the hint, climb up the stairs that leads to the exit.  Once you're there, press either the L or R shoulder button to choose between one of the other two vikings.  Right now, press the R button to choose the viking to the right of Erik.
You are now taking control of Baleog the Fierce, the only viking who uses weapons.  He can attack enemies by either swinging his sword (B button) or by shooting arrows at them (Y button).  Walk through the gate and attack the monster in your way; doesn't matter which method you choose, since it's the weakest in the game and only requires one hit.

Once the enemy alien has been killed, head down the stairs to meet Erik.  Now press the R button again to play as the last of the three heroes.
Now you're taking the role of Olaf the Stout; he's the slowest out of the three, but he makes up for it with his shield.  With his shield he can block enemy projectiles, prevent enemies from passing through him, hold it above his head (B button once, press it again to have it in front of him) to either help give Erik a boast or have Erik and Baleog land on it to get to a certain platform, and if the shield is above his head he can use it to slowly glide down in midair.  Awesome!  =D  Right now drop down from the platform and make sure the shield is in front of him to avoid taking a hit from the red laser beam.

Once the laser isn't firing, climb down the stairs to meet your two companions and head towards the exit.  The only way to get past a stage is if you reach the exit with all three vikings alive!  If you don't, you'll have to start the stage all over again (if you feel you screwed up, you can even start the stage again by pressing Start, say "Yes" to "Give Up", and press Start again to begin once more).  As the game progresses it also becomes progressively harder, so keep that in mind.
Any time you reach the exit together you'll see funny conversations between the three vikings occuring, and trust me when I say that it gets better the farther you go.  XD  Your quest to escape from Tomator has only just begun!  Congratulations, you survived Stage 1!!!

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