Tuesday, January 29, 2013

StarBoy's Walkthrough: The Lost Vikings (SNES) Stage 4

StarBoy's Walkthrough:
(SNES edition)
January 29th, 2013
Stage 4 - GRND
Item(s) - 1 healthy fruit, 1 yellow key, 1 pair of gravity boots
You are now in the last part of Tomator's ship, and it's actually quite shorter than the previous two stages.  You begin in the center platform at the top of the room.
Climb down the stairs as Baleog and decimate the two green alien enemies to clear the path below you.  At the end of the left corner is a healthy fruit.  Now switch to Erik and jump over to the left gap.
Climb down the stairs and run to the right.  A little ways in you'll see a deadly and spiky grinder trap separating the other side, so jump over it.
You'll then come across an elevator.  Use the elevator to go up, drop down to the right so it can ride on its own, and then press the button to disable the laser barrier.  Now the other two vikings can ride it down without facing electrocution.
Take the other two vikings down with the elevator to join Erik.  Move ahead to the right.
Lead the way as Olaf and walk until you're near the grinder trap.  Ahead you'll see a yellow key on the other side, but it's not the only thing that's in there as there is also a stationary gun that will fire a laser every few seconds.  Switch to Erik and when the gun is not firing jump there to grab the key and jump back to the others right away.
Climb up the stairs as Baleog and kill the green enemy alien in front of the locked gate.  Summon the rest of the vikings up and insert the yellow key to the keyhole to unlock the gate before you.
Use the teleporter with all three vikings and you'll find yourself in a room with a straight path.  You are almost done!  Choose Olaf to lead the way and move until you're in a part of the room that is between both sets of gravity pull belts (the right screenshot shows the middle point on the right side).  As you walk under the gravity pull belt you'll slowly begin to float up and the only way to get down is if you're outside that point.  Here is why you don't want to keep floating up: there are electric barriers all across the ceiling!
Once you get off to the mid-point an enemy soldier will walk towards you and try to blast you incessantly to no avail.  Make sure that Olaf's shield is at his stead so it doesn't hurt you. Switch controls as Baleog and get to Olaf to kill the enemy soldier.
You see those pair of gravity boots above you?  One of the vikings will have to have to wear those, and I recommend you choose Erik.  As Olaf place the shield above his head so Erik can get to the boots.  Now switch to Erik, jump on top of the shield and grab those boots.  Equip them with the X button; with these on, you will not be pulled up as you move under them and it would be like you were moving on steady gravity.  Run to the right and jump over the two enemy soldiers along the way.
Run until you're next to a gate.  At that point press the button to turn off the gravity pull belt.  Now every viking can roam around freely without being forcibly pulled up!  =)
Lead the way as Olaf until an enemy soldier approaches.  Then choose Baleog to decimate it.  Rinse and repeat once more, and then join Erik near the exit.  Step closer to it.
In the final stage of each area you will see a time-traveling portal.  Any time you walk into these portals you will be transported to both a different area and a different time period.  Whenever you use these you will also see a brief but humorous Mode 7-driven sequence!  XD  So now you can leave the ship!
Congratulations, you've successfully escaped from Tomator's ship and survived Stage 4!!!

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