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StarBoy's Walkthrough: The Lost Vikings (SNES) Stage 5

StarBoy's Walkthrough:
(SNES edition)
February 2nd, 2013
Blogger's note: I just wanted a chance to give a friendly warning that from this stage onward it's going to be in spoiler territory for that have not played The Lost Vikings.  I decided to make these walkthroughs not only to help those that are struggling with any of the puzzles in the certain stages, but also to show that I really love this game and it's fun to make a walkthrough for.  If you haven't played the game but still want to look at the guide then here's what I suggest you do: read over it once, and then wait a long time before deciding to buy the game (regardless of the format), that way you'll get to see and experience it on your own without feeling like you have spoiled the game (if that makes sense).  I personally think it would be more fun to discover the solution to the puzzles by yourself, like I did with all these stages, but I'm still gonna continue for the sake of helping those in trouble.  Yeah I'm not good at saying this warning but you get the idea.

Stage 5 - LLM0
Item(s) - 1 red key, 1 wipeout bomb, 1 healthy fruit, 1 yellow key, 1 extra health shield, 1 ham
Any time the vikings travel to a new area they will fall hard to the ground, become temporarily unconscious, and then after they regain their senses they share a little bit of dialogue.
Welcome to the Prehistoric Era!  You must now venture throughout these stages and looking out for dangerous common for its time but extinct now dinosaurs among other things.  Proceed forward.
Across from you there is a red key!  Switch to Erik and jump over the water to grab it.  There is also a seemingly unattainable wipeout bomb that is visible through the hole.  It actually can be reached; sometimes some items and paths are hidden by the foreground, which means you'll have to feel through those to get to them.  To reach it, jump up (about where Erik is in the screenshot) and feel through to walk through it and once you walked enough you'll fall down where the wipeout bomb is!  Now head back where you came and get back  to your friends.  Oh, and one thing to note about this game: the vikings cannot swim at all!!
Now play as Olaf and climb up the ladder.  There is a blue dinosaur up above, so make sure the shield is ahead of you so it won't gnaw at you.  After that switch controls as Baleog and kill that menacing blue Radical Rex reject so you can move on ahead.  They take two hits to be taken down.
Up ahead is an acid-spewing snail that will move back and forward.  Have Olaf positioned in front of the snail with the shield at his stead so that whenever it spits acid at you it won't hurt you.  Damage the snail two times and it's a goner; the only way it loses damage is if the face is in open range.  By the way, is it just me or does the blue blood feel a little off?  =/
Control as Olaf and a little ahead is another blue dinosaur blocking your path.  As Baleog damage it two times in order to slay it.  Proceed!
On the other side of the ground (the upper one in the right screenshot) is a single healthy fruit which you can use to heal yourself (if you need it).  As Erik grab the fruit, and then lower yourself to jump over the water on the left to grab the yellow key.  Jump back  to the proper path on the right.  You'll notice a hole in the foreground showing an extra health shield; if you equip any of the vikings with it you'll be given an additional health dot, but it only lasts for one stage and if you lose one hit it goes away.  I used to think it was impossible to reach but it's actually quite the opposite; with the wall blocking your path intact, have Erik jump upward and feel through the foreground to reach the shield.  So the wall is hindering your progress and behind it is a volatile snail moving back and forth.
Move Olaf right next to the wall to prepare for an oncoming enemy attack, and once you've positioned him it's time to break down the wall.  Run towards the wall and break it with Erik's head to demolish it.  The snail will see you and try to attack you, so now choose Baleog to kill the snail with two hits.
Climb the stairs down as Olaf and you'll see a red keyhole next to a door.  But there is an acid-spewing snail which is impeding your progress.  Climb down as Baleog and slay the snail for good.
Walk up to the door as Olaf, and as any one of the vikings unlock the door with the red key.  There is a blue dinosaur and an enemy snail on the other side of the door, so take them both down as Baleog the Fierce!  Keep moving forward.
A little further ahead is a ham in midair (which can only be reached by Erik) and a door that will only unlock if you have the yellow key.
Just in case get to the door as Olaf first.  I say that as a precautionary rule as Olaf throughout the course of the game, because you won't know if there are any enemies or enemy projectiles in your way unless you get there.  Now as any viking use the key to open the door.
You're almost at the exit, just a little more left!  Switch to Baleog and you'll see a button right next to an upward drawbridge.  Shoot an arrow at the button to lower it down so you can cross.  Immediately after there is another upward drawbridge, so shoot another arrow at the button to lower it.  Head to the end of the left side with all three vikings and you are done here!  =)
Congratulations, you survived Stage 5!!!  Only thirty-two more to go!  =D

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