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StarBoy's Walkthrough: The Lost Vikings (SNES) Stage 8

StarBoy's Walkthrough:
(SNES edition)
February 16th, 2013
Stage 8 - PRHS
Item(s) - 1 extra health shield, 1 set of flaming arrows, 2 healthy fruits, 1 ham
You have returned to the inside of a cave.  Choose Olaf to lead the way down the ladder.
Behind the wall to your left you'll see a caveman rolling back and forth, as well as an extra health shield in that place.

Now climb down the ladder just a little bit as Baleog and feel your way near the dark spot on the left for a secret path.  At the end of the path is the flaming set of arrows, which you can equip right away as him!  =)  Until the end of the stage, you need only one shot to take the enemies down.
With Olaf standing near the wall, have Erik climb down to join him and ram down the wall.  After the wall finishes crumbling, dispose of the caveman and claim that extra health shield for any one of the vikings to use.
Below there is a rolling caveman and a healthy fruit to the bottom right.  Eliminate the caveman and take that fruit.  After you've done that, climb back up to Erik and Olaf.
Have Olaf lead the way until you come across a ladder and a blue dinosaur patrolling it.  Kill the dinosaur as Baleog to end its misery.  Ahead of you is a gap filled with lava, which Erik can jump over but the other two vikings can't.
Climb up the ladder as Olaf where you'll come across an acid-spewing mollusk.  As long as the snail is distracted by Olaf's shield, have Baleog shoot the flaming arrow to end its days.
I said before that Erik can jump over the lava.  If you want you can do so, jumping over the dinosaur, go down a little, climb up the stairs, head a little to the right, and climb up some more stairs.  There is a stationary fireball shooter on the wall, and above it is another healthy fruit which you can take.  Jump up to it when the wall's not firing, and then climb down the stairs so you'll evade harm.
So how will Baleog and Olaf cross over to the other side then?  You see those gray stalactites hanging on the right side?  With Baleog shoot the arrow at them two times each so they'll fall straight down.  With that done they can now cross without issues!
Lead the way as Olaf until you see a blue dinosaur enemy.  Stand in front of it with the shield at your side.  Now slay the overgrown lizard so it won't bother you anymore.  Climb up the stairs to join Erik.
Position Olaf right beside the wall so none of its fireballs will penetrate you or the others.  Switch to Erik to ram down the wall on your right, and it will begin to crumble.
A little ahead is a drawbridge that is vertically straight.  Shoot Baleog's arrow at the button next to it to lower it down, so you can all cross without falling to the lava.
Walk ahead with both Erik and Baleog until you fall down to a small platform.  When the wall is shooting fire at you block it with your shield, and then follow your companions as Olaf.
You see that white dot near that dark hole in the wall?  That's Olaf's shield!  Fall down to where that hole is, and feel through its secret path to obtain some ham.  Afterwards, proceed to the bottom, you're almost there!
Walk to the left until you see a rolling caveman bouncing back and forth.  As Baleog kill the crazed blue haired caveman and keep going to the left.
Up ahead is some lava threatening your demise.  Shoot the button with Baleog's arrow to lower the drawbridge.  Have Olaf lead the way a little until the last caveman rolls at you.  Pulverize him as Baleog.  Now walk a little more to the left as all three vikings where the exit is, and you're done!
Congratulations, you survived Stage 8!!!

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