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StarBoy's Walkthrough: The Lost Vikings (SNES) Stage 7

StarBoy's Walkthrough:
(SNES edition)
February 10th, 2013
Stage 7 - TRSS
Item(s) - 1 wipeout bomb, 1 ham, 2 healthy fruits, 1 extra health shield, 1 blue key
Now we're back outside again.  Now climb up the ladder as Olaf.
Position Olaf ahead of the snail with the shield next to his side so the acid-spitting snail won't leave you with damage.  At this point switch to Baleog to get up where Olaf is and kill the snail with two hits.
Move a little forward as Olaf until you see a mad caveman rolling towards you.  Leave the shield in front of Olaf so it'll bounce back from it.  When the caveman stops rolling and charges towards you slay it with Baleog; remember, it takes two hits for it to die.
Now walk towards the ladder and climb them down once where you'll see an acid-spewing mollusk.  As Baleog eliminate the snail so any of the vikings can now travel down without any trouble.
Now it's Erik's turn to take control.  Climb up and run all the way to the edge of the platform (the one where Olaf and Baleog climbed down a moment ago) and then jump up to the platform above you.  On the upper right platform is a healthy fruit, which you can get at any time.  Now climb up the ladder, but at the top is a caveman which is rolling back and forth.  Wait until he's out of the way, then have Erik jump off to the left.
On the first platform below you to the left is a wipeout bomb.  Now jump farther to the left to talk an elderly caveman residing on a small branch, and next to him is a ham.
During the conversation the elder will tell Erik that there is a key located on the other side of a waterfall.  One thing I noticed just recently is how this caveman doesn't look like he's wearing any clothes, but thankfully has the bulk of his body covered by his large hairy beard.  What's that, you don't recognize that the caveman is naked?  Well,...
...he is, plus he doesn't look like he's wearing any fragment of clothing; but then it might be the way the colors are displayed on my TV screen.  You make the call!  After the conversation head back to the right, and continue onward.
But before you continue as Erik, some paths will have to be cleared for him to cross.  Take the reins of Olaf and drop down to a platform ahead of you.  Climb up the ladder and position him before the rolling caveman with the shield in his stead in order to be safe.  Join Olaf as Baleog and kill the caveman to proceed.
Walk forward until you come across a ladder.  Climb it upward and position yourself before the caveman so it won't hurt you.  As Baleog climb up and kill the caveman.  Move a little to the left as Olaf.
Ahead of you now are a rolling caveman and an acid-spitting snail.  Take them both down as Baleog so Erik is free to cross through!
Now as Erik run through the topmost path and jump up to the platform which is dripping with mid-air!  XD  On top of it is an extra health shield which you can equip with any of the vikings.
Now go all the way to the bottom and jump over the gap (below the waterfall you were standing above shortly before).  You see the exit but you can't quite go there yet.  Climb up the ladder when the rolling caveman isn't in your way, and then jump up to the platform above you.
Jump up from the upward drawbridge to the second highest platform on the right to acquire a healthy fruit, then climb to take the blue key that was located on the other side of the waterfall like the elder said it would be.  Now climb back down.
Go to the blue keyhole and insert the key to lower the drawbridge.  Now Olaf and Baleog can get by.  Climb down as Olaf and defend yourself from the rolling caveman.  Then join him as Baleog and kill the caveman when he's not rolling.  When you're done, you're free to head to the exit with all three vikings!  =D
I love that joke about the waterfall, it's just so random!  Congratulations, you survived Stage 7!!!

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