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StarBoy's Walkthrough: The Lost Vikings (SNES) Stage 9

StarBoy's Walkthrough:
(SNES edition)
February 19th, 2013
Stage 9 - CVRN
Item(s) - 1 healthy fruit, 1 extra health shield, 1 red key, 2 hams, 1 yellow key, 1 blue key, 1 wipeout bomb
As Patrick Warburton's character Wolf W. Wolf from the underrated (in my opinion) animated movie Hoodwinked! would say, "Oh, look: more cave!"  But don't worry, this is the last cave portion you have to go through in this area!
Choose Olaf to lead the way until you stumble upon an acid-spitting snail on a bridge.  Play now as Baleog and attack it two times to end that slug's misery.  Keep moving forward!
Walk a little until your road is blocked by a sturdy wall.  As Erik jump on that platform above the wall to claim a healthy fruit, and after that jump farther to the right platform where you'll discover an extra health shield for any of the vikings to use.  Jump back to your group...
and take down that wall!
Drop down as Olaf and situate your shield against that fireball-shooting cannon.  Now go down as the other two vikings and climb up a little to the left so the fireball won't reach you.  Once you do that have Olaf join them, and up ahead you'll find a red key!  Go forward as Olaf.
A caveman will be rolling your way, so have Baleog attack the nomad twice to eliminate him. Walk a little bit and insert the red key to the keyhole so the drawbridge will lower itself and you won't fall down on the spikes.
As Olaf move up a little where you'll discover a caveman rolling towards you.  Dispose of it as Baleog, and when Olaf walks a little more you'll find yet another damn caveman rolling against you!  Remember, they are vulnerable when they are not rolling!  Proceed!
Have the vikings march on ahead until you find yourselves blocked by a big wall.  With Erik in charge dispose of it immediately!
Make Olaf lead the way as you descend yourself down some platforms, walk in a downward hill, and position yourself ahead of the snail at the rising point of the lowest floor so it won't inflict damage on you.  Follow Olaf as Baleog and annihilate the mullosk so it won't bother you anymore!
If you move a little you'll discover the lone blue dinosaur enemy coming your way.  Slay the extinct reptile as Baleog with two hits.
This part is absolutely optional, but I'll go through it anyway.  Position Olaf next to the wall on the left in anticipation for the caveman attack.  After that break that wall and wait until it crumbles entirely.  Then kill the caveman when it's not rolling back and forth.  At the end toward the left is some ham.  Continue heading to the proper path to the right.
Walk until you come across a gap filled with lava below you, only this one has viking-sized bubbles protruding from it.  But before you do anything else, eradicate the snail on the platform ahead of you with two arrows, which should be easy since it's pretty much a sitting duck.  These bubbles are strong enough to carry any viking upward, but once it reaches its high point it will begin to pop.  Make Olaf go first and ride up until you reach an open space to the left, so drop yourself there and climb the hill until you stand next to a wall.  It takes several seconds for the bubbles to appear from the lava, so wait patiently until it comes; with that said, join Olaf as Erik and Baleog.
Behind the wall is a yellow key, but the fireball cannon is situated on the wall behind it as well.  With Olaf's shield at the door, ram the wall down as Erik.  As soon as it finishes crumbling, walk Olaf towards the wall with the shield down so no one will get hurt.  Give the yellow key to Erik and climb down the ladder.
Jump towards the platform slightly below to place the key inside the keyhole, unlocking the door to reveal a blue key!  Take it with you and climb back up the ladder.  Walk towards the edge the hill with Erik and Baleog, and once they're out of harm's way join them as Olaf.  When the bubble pops up from below, get on it and ride it until you reach the second highest floor.
On the platform above you to the right is a piece of ham, and on the opposite platform resides an acid-spewing snail.  Climb down the ladder as Erik and Olaf and insert the blue key in the keyhole to unlock the door.  Climb down some more stairs until you find yourself trapped by a wall.
This wall is positioned below a static door which is currently blocking your way to the exit up top.  Take the wall down once and for all, and once it's gone the door will slowly go down; if you wish you could grab that wipeout bomb near the right corner.  Another neat asset with Olaf's big shield is that it can hold certain items above you and remain in place until you move away; the first example comes into play here.  Make sure Erik stays on the left side of the door when it touches the ground, otherwise you're trapped with no way out and will have to start all over.
Now that the door is out of the way, you can keep progressing ahead.  Unfortunately there's a rolling caveman acting as a complete nuisance too, so defeat it once and for all as Baleog.  Then climb up the subsequent ladder with the trio of vikings and you're through here!  =)
Congratulations, you survived Stage 9!!!

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