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StarBoy's Walkthrough: The Lost Vikings (SNES) Stage 10

StarBoy's Walkthrough:
(SNES edition)
February 23rd-24th, 2013
Stage 10 - BBLS
Item(s) - 1 extra health shield, 2 healthy fruit A, 1 red key, 1 healthy fruit B, 1 yellow key, 1 wipeout bomb
Back outside again the vikings find themselves positioned in the bottom-most portion of the left corner.
Up above you is a blue dinosaur moving back and forth; when it's not in the way, climb up the ladder as Olaf and stand in front of it so it will continuously gnaw at the shield to no avail.  Once that's done, switch to Baleog and proceed upward to slay the overgrown lizard, two times.  Slightly to the right is an acid-spewing snail, so position Olaf in front of so it will fire at your shield.  Then choose Baleog once more to slay the slug with two hits.  Go now to the ladder in the left.
In the subsequent upper portion are a couple of red dinosaurs charging back and forth.  Climb up as Olaf first and position him in front of a red dinosaur so it will stop.  Slay it with a couple hits in order to kill it.  Do the same with the other dinosaur to clear the path ahead of you.  In the left is an extra health shield any viking can equip, and to the far right is a healthy fruit A.  Proceed!
Rising up from the deathly acid are a series of bubbles which you can cross in order to reach the other side.  It's easy and manageable enough with Erik and Olaf, since the former can jump and the latter can glide down with the shield above him.  The only one that's at a disadvantage here is Baleog.  But there is a trick to this: stay on the bubble you're currently on, and when it gets high enough, there'll be a new bubble emerging from below next to it, and then you fall down to it.  Rinse and repeat, and eventually you'll be on the other side.
Climb up the ladder as Olaf and hold the shield above his head.  On the opposite side of the door is a ladder, but it's locked and will require a key.  Jump up on the shield as Erik and then jump to the upper platform.
Near the ladder is a red key which you can take.  Go back down to Baleog and Olaf and place the key in the red keyhole.  Guard the door first as Olaf.  Now behind the door is a rampaging red dinosaur going back and forth, so kill it as Baleog.  If you walk a little more you'll find a healthy fruit B.  Now everyone can climb up the ladder!
Climb up the ladder as Olaf, and then climb another one where you'll find a blue dinosaur on a small spot roaming left and right.  Position yourself in front of it with your shield at your stead so it won't hurt you.  Join Olaf as Baleog and eliminate the blue dinosaur at once!  Now climb the subsequent ladder up to the top.
Walk over to the left until you see an acid-spitting snail blocking the way.  Dispose of it as Baleog.  Keep walking forward until you see a red dinosaur charging towards you.  Slay the vile lizard with two hits and it will die!
Walk all the way to the left until you come across a ladder.  Climb it up and stand there facing the right so the red dinosaur will charge towards you and hopelessly gnaw at the shield.  Kill the dinosaur to clear the path.  Above you is a yellow key, which can be accessed with Erik, and slightly below the platform is a healthy fruit A.  Proceed onward.
Below the platform on the right is a wipeout bomb which you can use to get rid of all the enemies on screen.  If you want, you can use it right here so you won't have to deal with the two red dinosaurs on the top and bottom platform.  Have everyone climb the right-most ladder and head over to the right until you face an obstacle.
That obstacle is a locked door, with a yellow keyhole on the opposite side.  Stand on a high spot with Olaf and raise the shield above his head.  Then, after switching to Erik, jump on it and then jump on the platform.  After that drop down from said platform on the right edge, and then turn back to the left.  Place the yellow key inside and the door will be unlocked.
You're almost there, just a little farther now!  A little apart from the door is snail slugging back and forth, so position Olaf and his shield in front of it.  Terminate the mollusk as Baleog and the path will clear out.  That is, until you come across a red dinosaur moving towards you, so station Olaf in front of it.  Then slay the foul beast as Baleog.  Up a little more close to the exit is a red dinosaur, and you know what that means: kill it!  Now everyone can head to the exit without fail!  You are done!  =)
Congratulations, you survived Stage 10!!!
Head to Stage 11G or 11S/12G!  =)

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