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StarBoy's Walkthrough: The Lost Vikings (SNES) Stage 6

StarBoy's Walkthrough:
(SNES edition)
February 5th-6th, 2013
Stage 6 - FL0T
Item(s) - 2 healthy fruits A, 1 healthy fruit B, 1 steak, 1 blue key, 1 red key, 1 set of flaming arrows, 1 ham, 1 yellow key, 1 extra health shield
You're now inside a cave, and immediately ahead of you the right path is blocked, but the stairs above you are not.
Pick Olaf and climb up the stairs.  If you climb a little bit you'll find a healthy fruit A on a platform to your left, and if you climb up some more you'll discover a healthy fruit B on the way.  Keep climbing up.
Walk a little ahead until you step off the ledge.  Make sure you have the shield positioned on top your head, otherwise you'll plummet down hard.  On the second highest platform is a steak which can refill your entire health regardless of how much you lost.  Be careful when gliding down as there are platforms set on fire which can burn you up swiftly, so weave around them.  Below the platform where the steak was is a platform with another healthy fruit A on top.  Keep gliding downward!
Once you reach the ground you'll stumble across a blue key.  Walk over to the blue keyhole behind you and insert the key to unlock the door that was keeping you all out before.  Now you can move around freely!
Climb down the stairs and have Olaf lead the way to the right.  On the way there a blue dinosaur will charge towards you, so keep your shield at your stead.  Now switch controls as Baleog and kill the dinosaur impeding your path with two hits.  Move onward!
As Olaf keep walking a little until you see some stairs.  Climb them up to find a red key in front of you; however, a stationary threat on the wall will spew out fireballs from time to time, so maintain the shield at your stead and grab the key.  You can even walk closely to it, and it still won't damage you.  As long as you're situated there, let's try a little something.
Choose to play as Erik and head up to where Olaf is.  While he's blocking enemy fire, have Erik jump over the stationary fire cannon to discover a secret path.
If you move a little you'll find a set of flaming arrows, an item which is exclusively used by Baleog; when he equips them, he'll take down enemies in a single hit as opposed to two if you were using regular arrows, and they can penetrate anything.  Like the extra health shields, they only last for one stage, but you'll still keep them even if you lose health.  Move a little further to obtain the ham.  Keep on moving,...
...and you'll be exiting on the other side right to those stairs, but do not climb up just yet!
As Olaf climb down the stairs and let him lead the way.  An upcoming caveman enemy will be rolling towards you via Sonic the Hedgehog, and unlike most enemies the more he rolls towards and bounces back from Olaf's shield, the more Olaf will gradually be pushed back.  Summon Baleog to take down this crazed enemy, but as long as the caveman keeps rolling he's invulnerable.  After awhile the enemy will walk towards you and try to smash you, and that's when the time to strike comes.  Afterwards the caveman will start rolling again, so when he stops doing so dispose of him right away.  If Baleog uses his sword on the rolling enemy, he'll bounce back, and the enemy keeps bouncing back from the edge of the screen; remember that!
Walk until you find a red keyhole next to the burning hot lava.  Insert the key to lower the drawbridge so you can tread on it safely.  Now lead the way as Olaf.
Climb the stairs all the way to the top, only to discover...
...a blue dinosaur walking back and forth.  Climb up when the time is right and make sure the dinosaur is blocked by your shield.  As Baleog join Olaf at the top and slay the creature to kingdom come!  Right to the left you'll notice a locked door with a keyhole next to it.  The key must be nearby!
Walk Olaf right to the highest spot and position the shield above his head.  Now switch to Erik to jump on the shield and jump from it to find a yellow key.  Drop back down to the group.
Have Olaf standing next to the door!  After that, unlock the door with the key.  At any point you can trade the flaming arrows to Baleog.  Now decimate the caveman to proceed forward.
Before you climb the stairs upward, move to the end of the path to discover an extra health shield.  Equip it as any of the vikings.
Now climb the stairs as Olaf and proceed to the left where you'll find an acid-spitting snail blocking the stairs.  Have the shield at your side so it won't hurt you.  Now as Baleog eliminate the snail.  You're almost at the exit point!
Climb up the stairs as Olaf and have the shield at your side to not have the rollicking caveman and the blue dinosaur endanger you.  Change to Baleog to end their misery!
Lead the way once more as Olaf until you come across an acid-spewing snail.  While the snail is distracted by Olaf's shield, switch back to Baleog to annihilate the mollusk.  Have all three vikings approach the exit, and consider it done!  =)
Congratulations, you survived Stage 6!!!

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