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StarBoy's Walkthrough: The Lost Vikings (SNES) Stage 2

StarBoy's Walkthrough:
(SNES edition)
January 25th, 2013
Stage 2 - GR8T
Item(s) - 2 healthy fruits A, 2 healthy fruits B, 2 bombs
From this stage onward you start with all three vikings together.  This stage is a little longer than the first one, but it's also the stage where you learn several things gameplay-wise about your viking pals.  Any time you start a new stage for the first time you'll be given the password (which I will gladly type down next to the stage number), and the great thing about these passwords are that they are brief and to the point.  Thank... God!!!
Right from the start there is one healthy fruit A (the roundish one) alongside two "?" blocks.  Read over them with the A button and proceed through the gate.
After passing the gate head right up the stairs with one of the three vikings (it doesn't matter which at this point) where you'll see another healthy fruit A to the left and a friendly, cuddly alien to the right.  Only thing is: they're both blocked by the laser barrier so you have to shut those down.
In the center is a single "?" block.  Read over it to learn about flipping switches, pushing buttons, and talking to friendly characters via the A button.  Push the button right next to it with the A button and both laser barriers will be disabled.  Now talk to the alien.

The alien will introduce itself as "Aftiek" and tell you that the ship's computer must be blown up in order for you to escape (this stage); he advises that you find and use some bombs.  So now go back down the stairs and gradually move forward.  If you want, you can grab the healthy fruit A to your left.
If you move forward a little you'll find that an alien enemy is slowly approaching your group. Switch to Baleog (if you're not taking control of him already) and either use your sword or shoot an arrow at it to end its misery.
Climb up the next set of stairs as Baleog and kill the alien that's roaming the level.
You'll then notice that a couple of bombs are guarded in the right by a laser barrier.  Push the button next to it to have it disabled, then walk up to the right to obtain both bombs simultaneously.  Now that that's done, it's time to climb back down and move forward some more.
Click on the "?" block to read on how to operate the elevator.  It's as simple as it sounds: move up and down with it.  To its right is a healthy fruit B (the smaller one), if you want you can grab it.  Summon all three vikings and head down the elevator.  If you head down to the midsection you'll see that it's blocked by a couple of laser barriers, so keep on heading down to the lowest point below it.
Once you reach the bottom you'll see that the path is blocked by a perilous laser barrier.  Read the hint on the "?" block and you'll learn that buttons and switches can be pressed with Baleog's arrows as well.  Shoot an arrow towards the button to disable the barrier.  Also, I love the way Baleog is called a "stud" here.  I can't think of any other video game from the '90s that ever described a character in-game as such!  XD
Move forward as Baleog and read the hint on the "?" block.  Now proceed onward.
Get close to the cuddly, friendly alien, but not too close; otherwise you'll be zapped alive and lose a viking.  It will alert you--albeit through static--to place the bomb on the computer.  Behind the alien is yet another healthy fruit B.
Now place the bomb directly next to computer, and once you do move out of the way so the explosion won't hurt you (it takes a few seconds for it to detonate so you have a chance of getting farther apart from it).  Once the computer's been blown up the room will go dark and then it will go red with blaring sirens for several seconds.
The friendly alien warns you that the Croutonian security team will be searching around for the three vikings and that the only way to survive is to "work as a team".  Remember that, as it's one of the most vital things to do throughout the game.  Help and assist each other, alternate between vikings, use your noggin, and wait for the other vikings, among other things, otherwise your chances of escaping each stage is close to nil.  If you wish, grab the healthy fruit B behind the alien and head back to the elevator.
Now head up to the middle section you couldn't access before, and you'll find that the laser barriers have all been disabled, so you're free to proceed.  Afterwards, climb down the stairs.
A little ahead you'll see a gravity pull belt, but it's been shut off.  Press the switch next to it to turn it on again.  Now have yourself pulled up with all three vikings and land on the floor section next to it.
Move forward as Olaf, but after a little movement you'll see an alien enemy approaching.  Switch back to Baleog and kill the alien ahead of you.
Go back to controlling Olaf and keep moving just enough until the stationary laser gun is blocked by his shield and won't be able to damage the other two vikings.  As the other two vikings head down the stairs just slightly, and after they're out of shooting range head down as Olaf.
Near the bottom of the stairs is yet another stationary laser gun, so do the same thing here and block its firepower with your shield.
With the other two vikings head down slightly the next flight of stairs, and once they're out of danger's way it's Olaf's turn to come down.
You're almost at the exit point.  At the bottom of these stairs you'll discover the last of the stationary laser guns trying to impede your progress.  Position Olaf's shield in front of the gun so it doesn't hurt you or your friends.
Now take control as Baleog and slay the enemy behind the gate, and after that head down the stairs to decimate another alien enemy in your path.  Head to the exit as Baleog, then as Erik, and after that as Olaf, and now you're done.  =)

Congratulations, you survived Stage 2!!!

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